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“Understand physical capability and improve it with each passing day”

CrossFit Training | Nishant Personal Trainer

People crave for an ideal body and try to work-out in their own way to keep fit and healthy.

With growing consciousness towards health, more and more people are hitting the gym and trying out
other forms of aerobic and anaerobic exercises along with flexible and strength trainings to stay in shape.

A professional trainer has become an essential element of fitness regime helping people in identifying
the right exercises and formulating a schedule that can yield the best results. Nishant Mandal has been
a part of the fitness moment for more than a decade and has been working behind the scenes to keep
people fit and looking good.

When looking good is a part of the job....

Looking good is feeling good and when it comes to celebrities its part of their job. Even executives working in corporate world have realized the importance of looking fit and in shape. Nishant Mandal is a certified trainer with deep insight of nutritional requirements
and dietary considerations that are to be kept in mind while working one’s way towards a fitter self.

An inspiration to all fitness enthusiasts...

Nishant Mandal is truly an inspiration and a joy to work with as the routines designed are quite involving. The people who wish to work out under the aegis of this great trainer look forward to each session and know that the results which they wish to achieve shall definitely be theirs. Nishant Mandal has trained and assisted people trying to lose weight as well as those wanting to add a few pounds. The programs designed to suit individual needs, be it a beginner or a regular fitness freak and derive the best out of the strengths of the trainees.

Nishant's Credentials:

    Certified by the American Council of Exercise(ACE) as a Personal Trainer

    Crossfit – Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer

    Gold’s Gym Certified Personal Trainer

    Adult Cpr and First Aid – The Bombay City Ambulance Corp.

Shaping-Up was never this easy.....

After dedicating more than a decade towards ensuring that people attain the body tone they wish to achieve, Nishant Mandal today offers dedicated services to clients willing to work towards fitness.

With more than 50 satisfied clients, Nishant Mandal is amongst one of the best personal trainers in the field and works with avid fitness enthusiast relishing challenging assignments with every new beginner.

"Nishant works with you, for you"

If you aren’t sure how to get rid of those ugly flabs, then you know on whom to bank upon. Yes, Nishant Mandal… he will definitely become your fitness-guru if you could give him a chance to work with you, for you.