Reasons for joining a running group, gym or workout class

Most of the people, nowadays, are joining an exercising group. It may be in a park, or a gym or any place else. But should be reasons as to why people consider joining these groups. Maybe they need a gym buddy to keep the competition alive or maybe they just feel motivated while working out in a group.
Down here are some of the reasons for joining such a group :
There is a proverb which goes around as “The lead dog sets the pace for the rest of the pack”. So when someone in the group is more fit and in a much better shape than you are, an urge of exercising grows. If you have a friendly trainer, the exceeding part becomes easy for one to handle after the hustle bustle of a day.
There is always a weird fear of group tease which plays on the human psyche. It also helps one to show up on time. Either way, you get benefited from this.
Group Camaraderie
Since humans are social creatures, they cannot help but be with one another. Isolation is not your best friend when it comes to exercising. It has often happened in various instances that the gym group buddies became lifelong friends. They might often go for wine tasting, organize events and also go for dinner together.
In a world where we have everything in the palm of our hands, we must also need basic human interaction to remind us of who we are, and a group like this always helps.


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