Keep Your Friendly Gut Bacteria Happy With These Few Steps


Did you know that you have 40 million bacteria on your system, and the majority of them reside in your intestine? Well, now you do. These are collectively called the gut microbiota, and they are essential for your health. There are exceptions which can harm your health by contributing to many diseases. But science says that the food you are consuming affects the type of bacteria that resides inside. While science is still figuring out the various ways it helps our health, here are some ways which can boost up your health.

Have A Diverse Course Of Meal

The different species of bacteria that resides in your system has specific roles, and they need different nutrients to stay alive. A much different kind of microbiota means that they are healthy, mostly because of the diversified amount of benefits that your system is getting. Such a diverse course of a meal will lead to more microbiota, the good ones.

Veggies, Legumes And More Veggies

A healthy microbiota will need plenty of nutrients which usually can come from fruits and vegetables. They are very rich in fiber, and thus can be digested with ease. Similarly, this fiber can often be digested by your gut bacteria which helps them grow. Examples of some high fiber foods are Lentils, Chickpeas, Broccoli, Green Peas, Raspberries, Artichokes, Beans etc. Studies have unveiled that a fruit/veggie centric diet has prevented some deadly diseases for recurring in the body. Bifidobacterium, one of the most useful bacteria can help in the prevention of intestinal inflammation and also enhances the overall gut health.

Artificial Sweeteners Can Derail Your Health

This replacement for sugar apparently has an adverse effect on the gut microbiota. It may also increase the blood-sugar level and sometimes make your system vulnerable to diseases. It can also lead to chronic illness.

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