Please Do Not Mislead When It Comes To Fitness And Health

This is an open letter to all fitness enthusiasts out there. If you have ever received conflicting information regarding fitness, then there is nothing but empathy for you. For all those self-proclaimed fitness experts out there, please refrain from providing misleading info to your friends. While you all are busy figuring out what is happening, let me give you a rundown of things from bad to good or vice versa.


Lift And You Will Bulk Like Hulk (Wow, That Rhymed)
So for this very reason, some women refuse to lift weights as they think that they will bulk up. The truth behind building muscle density is hard work. But lifting weight has other benefits like making helping your muscle endurance, increasing your metabolism rate.

Running Helps You Lose Weight
It is indeed a great form of cardio exercise. But for that, you need to have a diet planned out. You cannot just mindlessly run and expect to grow thinner by the end of the day. Have a schedule, talk to a professional for advice.

“If That Works For Me, It Will Work For You.”
Okay, so let me stop you there buddy. No one’s body is identical, and they are prone to a different level of endurance and other things which will vary. We all have a unique need, and it’s up to us how we can satiate our body with these requirements.

When you are working out in a gym or groups, you will get the golden nuggets of advice from everyone but do turn a deaf ear to those and consult with your gym trainer.

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