Factors Showing How Too Much Exercise Can Be Harmful to the Heart Health


We have always heard that to maintain a long and healthy life it is always necessary to give the body the exercise that it needs. Most articles that we read are about the harmful effects of not exercising but no one talks about what would happen if over exertion or extreme exercise was to take place. Nothing done in an excess amount can be helpful for the body or mind, and it is the same even with exercise. It is a known fact that extreme exercise can be stressful for the body and especially be detrimental for the heart. A few factors showing how excessive exercise can be harmful to the body are given below.

Risk of increased heart issues

With extreme exercises that are done without taking into consideration the capacity of one’s body usually cause some heart diseases such as heart enlargement due to excessive rapid pumping of blood. These conditions do not have any warning signs most of the time and can also prove to be fatal if not taken seriously when first detected. It is important to exercise only as much as the body requires and not more than that.

High Chances of dense plague build up

With the obsession with the perfect body in today’s times, a lot of people tend to over work them without thinking of the consequences of it. Their obsession with a healthy lifestyle may backfire, to say the least, and they might end up with huge chunks of plague surrounding their heart muscle. The disease formed due to work outs are usually benign but can prove to be harmful. If one wants to remain healthy, a balance is essential, and extremes of anything should be positively avoided.

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