An Overview Of Core Building Exercises

The core comprises of the upper and lower abdominal, gluteal muscles, psoas, side, and back. The core of a body helps to provide stability and balance to the body, and it also acts as a shield to the internal organs. Making the core of your body strong is very important, and for this, it is crucial to indulge in exercises that help to build your core regularly.
Below are some exercises that will help strengthen your core.


Flutter kicks
The flutter kicks are mainly for the lower abdominals. To perform the flutter kicks, you need to lie on the floor with your face upwards, place your hands underneath the glutes and see to it that your toes are pointed. Then, you need to raise both of your legs by few inches and get the legs up and down alternately a few times.

Crunches are the most popular forms of core exercises, and they can be performed in many ways. Usually, while performing the normal crunch, you are supposed to lie on the ground by putting your hands behind the head and bending the knees. Then, you are supposed to push your lower back towards the ground slowly and then lift the upper back from the ground. This targets the upper abdominals.

To perform V-Ups, you need to lie on the ground with extended arms and legs. Next, you must lock your knees and elbows and raise both your upper and lower body to try to touch your fingers to the toes.

Russian twist
Russian twist primarily targets the obliques. To execute this, you need to sit on the floor with bent knees and flat feet and lean back in such a way that your torso would be at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Then you should twist to your right as much as possible and turn back and next twist to the left.

Bridge helps to improve the core strength of various muscles combinedly. It can be done by lying on the back with bent knees and raising the hips above the floor level until they are aligned with shoulders and knees.

Combinations of the various exercises targeting the core when performed regularly definitely prove highly useful to fortify your core.

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