The 5 top Barbell Exercises That Build The Body Strength Totally


1. Squats: One of the most popular barbell exercises of all time is squats. Squats are also called king of all barbell exercises by many fitness experts. The fact is if you want to build a body you better start with squatting because it’s the best closed chain way to train your entire lumbopelvic hip complex.

2. Barbell curl: It is one of the best ways to overload your biceps and it allows you to concentrate heavily on the position of the lift that creates muscle damage that you need to spark that muscle growth.

3. Barbell hip thruster: This might come as a surprise but a lot of guys forget entirely that posterior chain of theirs. If they don’t see it, they don’t train it. And for an entirely strong complete lower body you cannot forget the posterior chain. Your hips and glutes are critical to create that power that you have from your feet to your finger tips and the barbell hip thruster is one of the absolutely the best way to do it.

4. Barbell dead row: This is basically the equivalent of an upper body push press. By allowing your lower body to participate just a little bit we can load those weights up a little bit more and drive yourselves up, continue that momentum and then let the prime movers take over.

5. Landmine thrusters: Take the barbell and stick it in a corner and load up the weight on one end. Now anatomically you just saved your shoulders by allowing yourselves to position your elbows in front of your body, you are now in what is known as the scapular plane. Your shoulder blades face forward at about a 45-degree angle so your natural position of the arm is in front of you. Now you are not fighting to try to press your arm up in an awkward angle, you are able to put it more where it belongs which is in front of your body.

Self-care is very much important in your life, keeps working out with barbell exercises to build the body strength stronger and do not lose the gusto.

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