5 Natural Foods That Claim The Best One But They Aren’t

When you see the label, 100% all natural, you feel this blind trust on the manufacturer about the veracity of it and thus buy it blindly. Although at the end of the day those foods cause the most harm to your body. Here are five foods that make you believe healthy and all natural, but aren’t.

1. Granola Bars: Granola bars have in them artificial sweetener and so-called “natural,” flavors. These natural flavors are made in laboratories.

2. Yogurts: They fall in the same group as granola bars. Lots of artificial sweeteners, and so-called natural flavors; not mention the added sugars or sugar alcohols.

3. Bottled Iced Tea: Misleading natural flavors, high sugar / high fructose contains and diminishes anything natural in them. They also have coloring agents which are harmful to your body.

4. Salad Dressing: The only natural salad dressing is the one that is homemade. The exceedingly long ingredient labels are proof that these “100% natural” salad dressings are not so natural.

5. Ice Cream: There are worst of misleadingly unnatural products. From added preservatives to coloring agents to synthetic colors, they have it all. Even the ones they are served in are harmful to the body.

Therefore next time a label on an item in the supermarket says “100% natural”, don’t be fooled by it.


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