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CrossFit Training

"If the aforementioned workout is a light cup of coffee that slowly wakes you up, CrossFit is a shot of five-hour energy"

CrossFit routines are designed to keep people more interested and involved into the exercise routine. Routines generally tend to get monotonous and hence it’s the job of Personal Trainers like Nishant Mandal to ensure that the exercises or activities prescribed to every individual are interesting in general as well as help in working up each muscle in their body paving the way to a toned look.

CrossFit Training involves a number of activities like sprinting, rowing, weight lifting, flipping tires, rock climbing, moving heavy objects, etc. to ensure that the body is prepared to take on any punishment that is thrown at it on the form of the toughest endurance needs available in any competitive sports today.

Warming up for CrossFit sessions is very important to develop the necessary joint mobility at ankles, hips and shoulders and joint stability by effectively performing hip hinge, squat, pushing, pulling and rotating movements. Joint mobility and stability is essential to ensure that the participants can get through the session safely without hurting or injuring themselves.

Scalable training regimen without feeling the pressure......

Nishant Mandal with years of experience can help fitness enthusiasts achieve what they set out to achieve in a fun way. The programs are designed to offer balanced development and be safe at the same time. The practice to perfection and the years of training, helps others to achieve something that they could only dream about.

Train with the best trainer of all times......

With abundant expertise Nishant can supervise trainees through the mix of exercises in the safest manner ensuring that everyone attains what they set out to do. It is the interactive manner with which he engages with all the trainees that makes his training sessions so successful.

One thing that makes Nishant the-trainer-to-go-for is his passion towards a fit and healthy life. It is this passion that pays him off in terms of a great client base that keeps coming back for more. Nishant infuses the required energy in his customers to fall in love with their health and train themselves to reach the zenith of a perfect body.


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