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Functional Training

"To succeed you must first improve, to improve you must first practice, to practice you must first learn, and to learn you must first fail. — Wesley Woo"

Functional training involves day to day activities to build muscle strength. It also finds origins in rehabilitation exercises where therapists work on patients and retrain those suffering from movement disorders. Exercises that mimic activities performed at home or work can be incorporated to ensure that the patients can resume their daily lives at the earliest.

On the fitness front functional training offered by Personal Trainers like Nishant Mandal can guide people towards the exercises that mimic the job they have to perform on a daily basis ensuring that they are able to perform the job in the best manner. The training also incorporates sessions that help sportsmen get back into shape and perform their best.

It is more than just another physical training routine.....

Functional training has also been found to be effective on stroke patients by helping them getting back to work. The equipments used for functional training are very rudimentary to a great extent and are designed to imitate the natural moment of the body parts.

Nishant, your trainer to recovery!

Like it is said that this is a kind of training taken up either by stoke patients or sports persons wanting to recover soon from their ailments. Nishant knows how to deal with different people as he understands that training with body issues can be difficult and frustrating.

He keeps motivating his customers to work harder and success would surely come one day. He smiles when you do and feels bad when you fall down but he never gives up his hope and does not let you give up as well. It is this mantra that helps him and his customers keep going!


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