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High Intensity Interval Training

"HIIT workouts keep the muscles ready for action!"

High Intensity Interval Training or HIT is an improved form of interval training that combines high intensity routines with less intense aerobic exercises to provide optimum results. These short sessions are considered ideal for developing, improving athletic and also burn fat quickly.

The number of repetitions and intensity of the exercises depends upon the strength of each individual and the end results that are anticipated. Personal trainer Nishant Mandal identifies the strength of each person, to design personalized routines that can offer optimum results.

There are different types of standard regimen that are available but only an experienced trainer can offer customized schedule to suit individual needs and efficient use of time & energy. These schedules allow trainees to tone up in a quick and easy manner by enabling them to make the most of the energy they put into performing the exercises.

Fall in love with the idea of exercise, diet and Workout!!

Nishant knows that people hesitate to register themselves with personal trainers as they feel that trainers are strict and do not act in a friendly manner. If you think the same then it’s time to change your perceptions as Nishant is not like regular trainers who get frustrated when results don’t pop up.

While training under Nishant’s guidance, you will realize that he is not a trainer who just shout out commands and ask you to run. Rather he would organize the training sessions in a way so as to give personal attention to all his customers. With health tips, dietary schedules and excellent workout guidance, you are sure to applaud his style of workout!

High intensity exercises that pack muscles with power.....

Proficient physical trainers like Nishant Mandal can develop routines that suit individual needs and ensures that the trainees benefit the most out of it.


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