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Metabolic Acceleration Training

"Hard Work Always Pays"

The set of exercises are designed to assure people of that they can maximize the results of their work –out in gym as well as during their routine. The training system is designed to suit people of any and all age groups ensuring that they can get a toned body at any age. It involves a series of exercises that are designed to ensure that people get good results with having a break too much of sweat and get the most out of the efforts that they make.

Metabolism is a process where all the calories laden in the food gets converted into energy. After utilizing the required amount of energy, body converts the remaining energy into muscles or fat. There are a variety of factors like age, gender, height and genetics that affect metabolism and result in increased weight. Accelerating metabolism is vital in weight loss and there are several ways that aid in improving metabolism. Nothing beats a healthy breakfast when it comes to ensuring that one fares better at losing weight.

Eating right to get right results.....

A personal trainer like Nishant Mandal can successfully incorporate eating habits like eating once in every 3 to 4 hours and increasing protein in diet without the trainee feeling any burden on them. At the end of the day there is nothing better than breaking a sweat when it comes to losing weight and toning one’s body and nothing beats working with established and professional personal trainer like Nishant Mandal. Muscles burn more calories than fat and hence it is always in favor to tone-up and keep fit.

"Nishant.... Your Health Friend”

How can Nishant help? This must be an obvious question while registering yourself for the training session. Well here is the answer that would sway your doubts in air. Nishant knows how to play with human mind to infuse will power to workout for a healthy lifestyle. He knows that metabolic acceleration training is demanding and hence go a step ahead to motivate his customers not as a trainer but as a Friend!

Nishant has skills and expertise to offer this training along with the necessary certifications that give him an edge over other trainers. His mantra to work out with his clients shows his dedication and passion towards his work.


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