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Resistance Training

Training that builds muscles and burns fat....

Resistance Training involves all the exercises that put to use the resistance offered by weights to induce muscle contraction. This form of exercise is used to build strength and endurance and above all to tone the muscles.

Under the supervision of expert Personal Trainers like Nishant Mandal people can observe benefits and improvement in overall wellbeing like improved function of joints and better mobility, increased bone and muscle density and improved strength, improved cardiac and metabolic functions amongst others.

Resistance training has been around for quite some time and there are many people engaging in exercises that revolve around resistance training even without realizing. There are a lot of day to day activities that require muscle strength and they also contribute towards toning the muscles and experts like Nishant Mandal ensure that trainees build muscles and burn fat without feeling the heat or getting dejected.

Train to be fit and healthy

Basic principle of resistance training is repetitions of exercises with increased resistance as one goes towards a higher set. People can observe the difference by performing the number of repetitions based on the outcome they wish to achieve.

How can Nishant change your life?

To those who are scratching their heads and are still in dilemma whether to join Nishant or not, here is the answer to your question. Nishant have the required level certificates and is a veteran trainer with an oozing first hand work experience background. He knows how to train you under resistance training which highly depends on body type.

His one mantra that has helped him in winning hearts so far is Love yourself, Motivation comes automatically. An inspiration for many, he has made some excellent customers who keep coming back to him for tips and training sessions. So if you one such individual who has stopped looking in the mirror because of your fat belly or double chin, then Nishant is the best trainer to go for!

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