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Training Regimen

A great personal trainer like him, can add the bang in any training
making it fun and very adventures in the right manner.

Training with Nishant Mandal entitles you to a personalized schedule that is designed to ensure that the trainees are able to derive the best results from the physical training they undergo.

Nishant Mandal believes that uniform work-out schedule is essential for achieving appropriate results and hence strives to create an exercise plan that helps his clients to accomplish greater consistency. He understands all kinds of exercises and their respective impacts on different body types and hence offers a customized training plan to suit individual needs. Many of his clients are from the show biz world where money is only good looks and a great body and he surely knows how to make them look like stars.

Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.
Regularly learn and play new sports.”
- (Courtesy of CrossFit Inc)

Specialization: Weight Loss

Obesity has taken epidemic proportion with a majority of inhabitants in the cities suffering from problems associated with excess weight. People have started paying more attention towards losing weight and staying fit with exercises that include weights as well as cardio routines.

Nishant Mandal helps them by guiding them thorough the routines in the best possible manner and also offering dietary routines that provide the required nutritional needs of the body when it undergoes the physical strain.

Programs : For Clients

Customized fitness programs especially for ‘You’

The programs are designed to offer optimized results by working out each muscle of the body and working with each client on an individual basis understanding their requirements.

Nishant Mandal is involved in designing programs to support each trainee depending upon their strengths and weaknesses. He is involved one-on-one with each of his trainees ensuring the best results and the toned body they so desperately crave. The dynamism and energy that he brings into any routine vitalizes and adds a ton of fun into any gym day.

Vision: For Clients

Ensuring that people achieve the toned bodies and confidence they set out to achieve and that they start living and persue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives without feeling that fitness routines are mundane or cumbersome.
Nishant Mandal add a spice into their lives, making them fitness conscious and awarness about healthy life that enables them to identify and nurture their inner strengths in the safest manner.

Mission: For Clients

Nishant Mandal is one of the popular Personal Trainer on a mission to ensure that people can achieve the body that they deserve. Fitness routine need not be boring and this is a mantra that he has worked on and perfected over the years. The mix of routines introduced by him into the routines that are designed to ensure that they are filled with more spice and fun than any of them can ever imagine.

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